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Are you looking for the Animal Petting Farm that sets the standards for the rest………look no further.   Now you can see for yourself what it is that sets Melvilles Animal     Petting Farm apart from the competition.

Melvilles Animal Farm has been entertaining the North Queensland population since the late 1980’s.  We have built a reputation as the leaders in the industry and a relationship with Show Societies, School Fete Committees, Event and Corporate entities across Queensland because we know what the customer wants and we bring them the best!

contact-us-buttonThe animal farm business was conceived from a request for an animal display at a local shopping centre where the manager is a personal friend. Being asked to step in when a Brisbane firm reneged due to a double booking, Craig determined that to do it, he would do it bigger and better than the rest (as he does).  So after hours of research as to what there was on offer nationally and internationally, Craig put together Melvilles Animal Farm.  Cairns Central Shopping Centre and their patrons have been enjoying our farm for over 10 years now.  They are our longest running shopping centre display. From this simple beginning an explosion or requests followed which helped create a livelihood.

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Melvilles soon branched into supplying Animal Farms for regional shows across North Queensland travelling from Emerald in the Central Highlands to Cooktown in the north and Normanton in the Gulf Country. Entertaining and educating thousands of patrons whose response was overwhelming.  Melvilles Farm is now an established brand that people across all walks of life can relate to.  The Melvilles name stands for Quality, Innovation, Fun and Education and is guaranteed to please a crowd to buy repeat business. Events, Festivals, Shows and Shopping Centres who work with Melvilles each year realise that you can build a following of local customers who will tell their friends and family who then in turn tell others as well as coming to the event each year themselves, which grows the numbers. While at the event people usually come through the display at least twice but sometimes three times. Each year Melvilles strive to bring some different animals to keep the patrons interested and intrigued. Our displays are themed which lends a story to the experience, while the healthy condition of our happy, unstressed animals is something that is regularly noted by our visitors.


At present the Cairns Show is the highlight of our show itinerary and have been the catalyst for other show societies in the south who have seen this display, to request our presence at their shows to entertain their patrons.

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Melvilles has been involved in a host of documentaries and movies that were shot in various locations around Queensland. The most notable of these would have to be Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Australia’ movie that was filmed in several locations around Bowen.  A mini series called ‘Tales of the South Seas’ filmed at Airlie Beach saw us on site for three months.  We have been involved in eight other productions over a ten year period that were all filmed in Port Douglas.  Our Animals have also been used for various newspaper articles and Movie releases such as ‘Zoro’, ‘Beneath Hill 60’, ‘Phar Lap’ ‘Ned Kelly’ and ‘Babe’.

Education and animal welfare is a priority in today’s society. Melvilles have been hosting school visits and farm tours for many years, where children learn first hand about the care and attention of all types of animals.  Animal production is a huge industry and an important part of the Australian economy.

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